Forget peace and love -- it's all about the feuds. The vibe of rock 'n' roll during its formative years in the '60s often mirrored the prevailing hippie-dippy culture of the Summer of Love, but behind all that communal sharing and orgiastic bliss were arguments and rivalries. Even the peace-loving Beatles were frequently pushed into a rivalry with the Rolling Stones, whether they wanted to be or not.

The punk backlash of the '70s pushed confrontation into the foreground, and both band in-fighting and feuding between groups has been a reality ever since. There are many bands known for their internal issues, but the following list, compiled with help from our friends at Ultimate Classic Rock and Loudwire, is all about bitter feuds and rivalries between different groups. Think of it as battle of the bands without any music -- and with the winner receiving something way more important than a lame trophy and some opening slot on a random festival that nobody is going to arrive at early. Yes, here each feud winner gets bragging rights and the self-respect that comes with knowing that they were right all along. So without further ado, here's our list of Nastiest Rock Feuds.