Jeff Buckley's incredibly diverse taste in music is the focus of a new website. Today (July 18) marked the launch of Jeff Buckley: The Record Collection.

Billed as an "interactive music experience," the website is the project of his label, Legacy Recordings, who worked closely with his mother, Mary Guibert to bring this to fruition. Visitors can scroll through the virtual stacks of albums that Buckley owned. Clicking on anyone brings up a window about that record, with options to listen to every song, either via 30-second previews or streaming on Spotify.

The press release we received says that it is similar to "spending the day with Jeff in his apartment listening to music" and "provides a comprehensive overview of the influences and inspirations that Jeff incorporated into his own music." Indeed, you'll be able to hear classic rock (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin), singer-songwriters (Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen), jazz (Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Nina Simone), punk (Bad Brains, Fugazi), reggae (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh) blues (Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt) and world music (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan). There are also plenty of surprises, such as a love of Genesis, Metallica, Philip Glass, Rush and Van Halen.

Back in March, Buckley released You and I, a collection of studio recordings that he made in 1993, and contains two originals along with covers of Dylan, the Smiths and Led Zeppelin. Buckley, who drowned in Memphis in 1997, only released one full-length album in his life, 1994's Grace.

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