Nick Cave has released the first trailer for One More Time with Feeling, the upcoming documentary based around the creation of his new Skeleton Tree LP.

As previously reported, the film was put together by Killing Them Softly director Andrew Dominik, and blends color and black-and-white footage as well as 2D and 3D sequences surrounding the Skeleton Tree sessions. Originally intended to present a "performance-based" look at the record, the film evolved into something much more "stark, fragile, and raw" after Dominik witnessed Cave using the creative process after his son's sudden death in 2015.

While that tragedy isn't addressed directly in the trailer, it looms large over the clip, and Cave alludes to it in his voiceover. Noting that most people never change, he ruminates on the transformative power of grief, saying, "What happens when an event occurs that is so catastrophic that you just change. You change from the known person to an unknown person, so that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you recognize the person that you were but the person inside the skin is a different person."

The entire trailer, which you can watch above, blends in performance footage from the studio, and the somber tone of the music — as well as Dominik's stark black-and-white aesthetic — live up to the One More Time with Feeling press release's promise of "a true testament to an artist trying to find his way through the darkness." The film is scheduled to arrive in theaters Sept. 8, a day before Skeleton Tree is due to debut.

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