You wouldn't think that a glamorous, chart-topping, Grammy-winning jazz piano player would have a ton in common with a plucky little Swedish indie band, would you? Neither did we, until we learned of a new remix of Norah Jones' 'Miriam' by Peter Bjorn and John.

The track, which appears deep on Jones' 2012 Danger Mouse-produced album, 'Little Broken Hearts,' has been given a complete overhaul. What was originally an dark and eerie arrangement now has a pop feel to it, complete with some Merseyside drums, a bouncing bass line and a dirty-clean guitar riff.

Fortunately Peter Bjorn and John haven't completely lost sight of the song. Distorted vibrato guitars feed back in and out of the mix, thus keeping the creepy vibe intact.

Still, it's almost hard to believe that the two mixes are of the same song, and each version has its charms. If you want to hear and determine for yourself which interpretation is better, the video for the original is embedded below and the remix can be found over at Stereogum.

Watch Norah Jones' Original Version of 'Miriam'