Panda Bear has been known for his thought-provoking (and pretty trippy) music videos, specifically for tracks off his latest album, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper. However, his latest visual for "Come to Your Senses" steps away from the psychedelic images and moves toward something much more documentary-like.

Filmed in Lisbon, Panda Bear -- born Noah Benjamin Lennox -- takes us to a particular street in the city and shows what every day life looks like. He explains the idea behind the video's location:

Rua da Rosa is the narrow but main street cut through the Bairro Alto neighborhood here in Lisbon. Visitors mainly stock the area during the day but it's perhaps the principle target for partying Lisbon teenagers Thursday through Sunday nights. The constant shifts make it a particularly fascinating neighbourhood to me. It's noisy except for Sunday mornings. I'd had an idea for a while to shoot the street for a bit to catch the traffic. When my friend Sam was here shooting a short thing we made for the recent album he was game to give the idea a go.

Aside from the surveillance-like video, he adds some flair by having the lyrics and other words fade in and out on the screen. What makes this CCTV-esque visual even more interesting is how the shots are superimposed onto one another.

Aside from the new video, Panda Bear has also taken over and is running Gorilla vs. Bear today (May 7). You can find his posts here.

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