Last month, Animal Collective shared “Michael, Remember,” a 23-minute improvised jam distilled from the band's very first sessions for their upcoming 10th full-length. Today (Nov. 30), they have officially announced that album: Painting With is due out Feb. 19 via Domino. Take a listen to the forthcoming LP’s lead single and opening track, “FloriDada,” up above.

Painting With features three of Animal Collective's four members. David Portner, Noah Lennox and Brian Weitz (Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist, respectively) began work on the album in Asheville, N.C., where they tracked "Michael, Remember," ultimately recording the 12-track LP at EastWest Studios in L.A. It boasts contributions from John Cale and multi-instrumentalist Colin Stetson. In a statement, Portner said Painting With is comprised of “really short songs: no B.S., get in, get out material.” Take a look at the track list at the bottom of the page.

The album will be released on CD, vinyl and a “zoetropic turntable slipmat” that “animates when activated in part with a strobe light.” The album will feature three different covers painted by Brian DeGraw, each depicting either Portner, Lennox or Weitz (see below). You can choose the cover of your copy by ordering the deluxe or slipmat editions at the Domino or Animal Collective websites. Those also come with a 7” with two non-album tracks that will arrive at a to-be-announced date following the album’s release in February. You can also pre-order the album now at iTunes.


Painting With Track List
1. "FloriDada"
2. "Hocus Pocus"
3. "Vertical"
4. "Lying In The Grass"
5. "The Burglars"
6. "Natural Selection"
7. "Bagels In Kiev"
8. "On Delay"
9. "Spilling Guts"
10. "Summing The Wretch"
11. "Golden Gal"
12. "Recycling"