Panda Bear will issue the physical edition of his Crosswords EP tomorrow (Nov. 13) on CD and vinyl via Domino. However, only the 12” EP will boast the bonus track, “Lisbon Zoo,” which Noah Lennox has now shared online. Take it for a spin in the video above.

The EP, which was issued digitally back in August, also boasts two reworked tracks that originally appeared on this year’s Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper and a deluxe edition of 2011’s Tomboy as well as three brand-new songs. You can purchase a physical copy of the EP at the Domino Recordings website. Crosswords sans “Lisbon Zoo” can be streamed now on Spotify.

The Crosswords EP follows PBMTGR, which landed in January. Since then, Lennox has been fairly prolific in his output, dropping his PBVSGR Remixes EP over the summer and Swallow at the Hollow, a 26-minute mix of previously unreleased material, just at the end of last month.

Lennox’s band, Animal Collective, are working on a follow-up to 2013’s Centipede Hz. They recently unveiled a video for a 23-minute jam dubbed “Michael, Remember” that was recorded during their first rehearsal of the year.

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