Ever since Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz discovered Panic! at the Disco in 2005, the guys have been tight ever since. So it would only make sense that they would know each other's band histories. However when alcohol is introduced into an equation, not only do the stories sound more interesting (and incorrect) but also make for one hilarious video.

As part of the band's 12 Days of Fall Out Boy, a drunk Brendon Urie of P!ATD recounts the history of FOB from their early days to the release of their 2013 comeback record, 'Save Rock and Roll.' But after many "shots of Coldcock whiskey, shots of Jameson, shots of Glenlivet scotch, beers throughout the day, beers chugged before the shots, and a vodka Red Bull from (Fall Out Boy guitarist) Joe Trohman," the  frontman started to veer of the story's course and gives one hell of a story.

Similar to Comedy Central's series, 'Drunk History,' Urie slurs his way through the story as the FOB members act out what is happening. Despite the frequent spitting and belching, he gets finally gets through the story and wonders why he's covered in beer.

Watch the video below.

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