With the new year right around the corner, Passion Pit appear to be getting ready for good things to come -- or at least according to a photo posted to the band’s Facebook. The picture -- which is simply captioned “Passion Pit 2015” -- depicts frontman Michael Angelakos in front of what could be a track list featuring titles that have largely been blacked out.

What hasn’t been crossed out includes three partial song titles called ‘pax,’ ‘rain’ and ‘worst,’ plus one complete title called ‘five foot ten.’ Toward the bottom of the list, it looks like the Massachusetts-based band are planning to include some yet to be determined covers and acoustic B-sides.

Although that’s about all the info we have about what's to come, if Passion Pit do drop a new album in 2015, it will be their first since 2012’s ‘Gossamer.’

Angelakos also posted a solo demo of Barry Manilow’s 'Somewhere Down The Road.' Check it out below:

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