Passion Pit’s brand-new video for ‘Cry Like a Ghost’ complements the song’s tempo and lyrics with some thoughtful choreography. The clip follow a girl’s emotional romantic history and opens with her in the woods, dancing alone. From there, it quickly and gracefully moves from one memory to the next, as she moves from the arms of one man to another. The dance is a physical narration of the girl’s past relationships: One moment of holding hands over coffee turns into a hand that slaps the cigarette out of another man’s mouth. In the end, the dance brings her back to the woods, alone, but this time in reverse.

Ultimately, the video for this, the sixth track off of Passion Pit’s 2012 album ‘Gossamer,’ reflects the song’s lyrics: “My life’s become some blurry little quest.” The fifth video to emerge from 'Gossamer,' 'Cry Like a Ghost' was brought to life by the directorial team DANIELS, made up by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. Watch their work above.