Electro-pop act Passion Pit have issued a video for 'Take a Walk,' the first single from their forthcoming 'Gossamer' album. The clip, which follows the day in a life of a bouncing blue ball, was made in cooperation with the Creators Project arts initiative.

What's it like to be a bouncy ball? According to the 'Take a Walk' video -- which offers a ball's-eye view -- it starts by bouncing through what looks to be suburban New Jersey, gets bopped around by the baseball bat of a Little Leaguer, flies through some dark storm clouds, rolls past a farm, takes a detour through the wrong part of town and ends up in downtown New York, where it gives unique perspective on some towering skyscrapers.

Passion Pit have previously issued the track listing and cover art for 'Gossamer,' which drops July 24, and also recently released the tune 'I'll Be Alright' as the disc's second single. The band has tour dates scheduled through a Nov. 6 gig in Pittsburgh, Pa.

'Gossamer' is the follow-up to Pit's 2009 debut, 'Manners,' which spawned both the singles 'The Reeling' and 'Little Secrets' and a renewed interest in the intersection of indie rock and dance music. There's been way less standing around at concerts ever since.

Watch the Passion Pit 'Take a Walk' Video

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