Earlier this week, Paul Weller teased fans with a brief, yet intriguing, 40-second audio clip form his upcoming new album. With that clip, he promised more news coming Wednesday (Feb. 11), and well, it's Wednesday and we can now give you not only the new album's artwork, but a brand new video from it. 'Saturn's Pattern' is Weller's 12th solo studio album, and judging from the new single, he seems to be following his ever-changing moods into new territory.

'White Sky' -- the record's lead track -- kicks in with a heavy guitar riff, soon joined by an equally heavy rhythm section. Dare we say, it's got an almost Zep-like groove to it, while retaining that oh so "heavy soul" Weller has mined for years.

Despite those tried and true references, it still comes off as totally 2015. "It’s defiantly 21st century music," Weller said in an interview with Uncut describing the new disc. The video, shot in black and white, shows Paul and band rocking the tune out in the studio.

'Saturn's Patterns' is set for release May 12 via Parlophone UK and will be available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download -- as well as a number of deluxe editions. More info can be found at Weller's website.


'Saturn’s Pattern' Track List
1. 'White Sky'
2. 'Saturns Pattern'
3. 'Going My Way'
4. 'Long Time'
5. 'Pick It Up'
6. 'I'm Where I Should Be'
7. 'Phoenix'
8. 'In The Car...'
9. 'These City Streets'

'Saturn's Pattern -- Deluxe Edition' Bonus Tracks
10. '(I'm A) Roadrunner'
11. 'Dusk Til Dawn'
12. 'White Sky (Prof. Kybert vs. The Moons Mix)'

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