During the '90s, the goth style was in full swing. You couldn't leave your house without running into a gang of kids in trench coats and oversized JNCO jeans with chains hanging everywhere. These roving mopers would walk through the mall or the park, scowling at everything and leaving a trail of clove smoke in their wake.

These gothic kids had many heroes, but not too many sex idols. Enter Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele. His deep voice, long hair and bulging pectorals sent many girls with blue-black hair swooning. So Steele was a perfect candidate to sit as a guest on an episode of '90s cultural outlet 'The Jerry Springer Show' to discuss backstage relationships with some of his female fans.

In the video, Steele said he didn't understand why these girls would throw themselves at him. When asked what he though of these groupies, Steele said he didn't comprehend the fuss. "Well, it's odd to me because this is my job," he explained. "I'm not here to have a good time. I'm here to pay my phone bill and to pay the rent. If they want to throw themselves at me, well, that's their business."

When Springer asked him if he'd ever slept with any fans, Steele invoked the Fifth Amendment. He later explained that his mother would be watching, so he had to be careful about what he revealed. He couldn't have been that concerned about revealing too much, though, considering he had posed nude for Playgirl magazine not too long before the episode aired.