According to a report released by World Bank, more than 630 million people in India poop in the streets regularly. Go ahead and take a second to process that, because the next bit of information is going to be even more mind-boggling.

OK, ready? In order to squish this problem, the Indian government has launched a new campaign to convince street-poopers to make their deposits in the proper receptacles. This campaign uses some stinky songs and computer-generated singing and dancing dookies to reach the teeming masses.

Above is a full-length music video showing these hyperactive turds chasing a man through the streets and giving everyone hugs. The song features infectious grooves sure to get your booty moving -- hopefully away from the sidewalk and toward a nearby toilet.

While this is the only full-length music video to come out of the campaign so far, the founders of Poo2Loo have produced a number of shorter videos featuring ka-kas doing all manner of unspeakable actions in the streets. The shorter videos are perfect for viewing while you're doing your own business.

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