Sources have confirmed that Robert 'Throb' Young, the former guitarist and one of the original founding members of the infamous Scottish rock outfit Primal Scream, has died at the age of 49. The news was confirmed by the band's publicist, who stated that Young was found dead in his flat in Hove on Tuesday (Sept. 9) around 3:30PM.

The band released a statement today, paying homage to the departed band member and brother, shelling out statements like, "In the words of Johnny Marr: 'Throb with a gold top Les Paul' -- unbeatable. He was a true rock and roller."

Young had started out in the band as a bassist but quickly took on guitar duties. He contributed to a majority of the band's discography including their '87 debut 'Sonic Flower Groove' and '91's 'Screamadelica.'

Currently, the death is not being ruled as suspicious, but Young had left the band in 2006 to deal with what was referred to as personal issues. Tributes are already starting to pour out via Twitter, one of the first from Oasis' Liam Gallagher.

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