On July 16, 2006, Bobby Gillespie, singer for Primal Scream, arrived at the BBC for a taping of Top of the Pops; however, Mr. Gillespie was not in his best form. Two days earlier, the primal scream singer got tangled in a brawl at a bar in Madrid, Spain.

According to reports, he was the victim of an unprovoked assault that left him with two black eyes. "Bobby turned up for filming sporting two nasty-looking black eyes and a swollen nose," a spokesperson for Top of the Pops told the U.K. paper, The Sun. Primal Scream were in the midst of promoting their Riot City Blues album, and were scheduled to film their performance on that Sunday morning. Gillespie, however, was not camera-ready.

"He looked like he had taken one hell of a beating," the spokesperson continued. "Everyone was amazed he even turned up. It's not easy to hold a note when your nose is broken." A representative for the band issued a statement that read, "Bobby was in the hotel bar when a guy lunged at him in an unprovoked attack that left him with facial injuries." Doctors that attended to him advised him not to fly until that Sunday afternoon, the day of the taping.

Though the attack was unprovoked, the incident fits nicely into the Primal Scream rock and roll legacy, something which Gillespie wanted since his teenage years. "I went to see Thin Lizzy in 1976, when I was 14," Gillespie told Uncut back in 2006. "Seeing Phil Lynott onstage dressed in black leather, playing a Fender bass with a huge big mirror on it, rocking like f--- and singing “The Boys Are Back In Town," with thousands of screaming girls who want to f--- him. Phil Lynott running down the street outside the Glasgow Apollo that afternoon, hundreds of girls chasing him, and he was laughing. I always wanted to be a rock’n’roll star."

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