Canadian officials have begun sorting out the cause of the stage collapse that caused one fatality and injured several onlookers at a Radiohead concert over the weekend, with the band's touring company one of several organizations under scrutiny.

Radiohead's Ticker Tape Touring LLP, Live Nation, Optex Staging and Services and Nasco Staffing Solutions are all being investigated.

It seems like getting to the bottom of something like this should be a relatively straightforward process, but what might surprise you -- and it certainly sounds like it's coming as a surprise to the investigators -- is just how tangled the web of responsibilities in a major tour can get. In fact, as one official admitted to the Globe and Mail, "We still haven’t determined who owns the stage. So all of the orders regarding the stage are being given to Live Nation ... They’re in charge of the whole shebang, right?"

For its part, Live Nation is remaining publicly tight-lipped about the incident, saying, "This accident is being investigated but we do not have any further details at this time."

In the meantime, investigators have cordoned off the stage while they try and figure out how to trace the causes of its collapse. "Think about it," pointed out a spokesman for the government. "It’s collapsed, it’s probably twisted and bent, and an engineer’s got to look at it and say, ‘Here’s how we can take it apart without killing anybody.’"

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