In his ongoing -- and hopefully never-ending -- 7" single series with his Pax-Am label, Ryan Adams has unveiled his latest effort: "Burn in the Night" b/w "Cop City" and "Look in the Mirror."

"Three tracks from the hot summer nights -- greenish smoke billowing out from the upstairs office door of the Pax-Am office, just next to the live room," Adams writes online. "'Burn in the Night' is me ruminating on an old NYC love lost -- and how funny it is to get older and sort of put some of that behind you -- but never really getting as far behind you as you'd like. I always felt like that song was really special but it never fit anywhere. Thank goodness we make these singles."

He explains that "Cop City" is about the last weekend of every month in Los Angeles when the police give out tickets; apparently it was one of the "jams" Adams and Mike Viola worked on for the "never-to-be-released Alien USA album experiment with Jeremy Stacey on drums."

As for "Look in the Mirror," Adams covers all of the instruments here on what will most likely be a punk-fueled track: "[This] is me on everything and a song that I recorded too late to go on the 1984 record. Hey, but not to worry ... soon you'll have 1985 and 1986 ... and who knows what else."

Ryan Adams

Unfortunately, the new 7" single is already sold-out on Adams' online store, but don't worry: Head to your local record store today and request that they order it; it should hit shelves sometime around June 23.