Sebadoh performed Rush's 'Limelight' for the Onion A.V. Club's 'Undercover' -- and some people didn't like it. It might've been received more warmly by fans had Sebadoh not seemed like they wanted to poke a little fun at Rush at the beginning, although Jason Lowenstein claimed he and drummer Bob D'Amico both actually like Rush. Watch their performance above.

Lowenstein's claim seems credible considering the fact that he and D'Amico knocked it out of the park. They cover it with the perfection of a dad-rock band playing in a suburban garage. Singer Lou Barlow's contribution, though, was not considered to be as great by viewers. The comments section under the video is awash with folks complaining about Barlow's overuse of some weird effect on his vocals.

Barlow responded to these critics on his Facebook page:

the comment section after this is f-in hilarious.. people hate me! my concept was to sing Rush in the style of the music i was actually listening to in high school, bob and jake played the song more or less from memory.. rush and sebadoh fans alike are appalled... i do acknowledge the overuse of the vocal effect but i sang every word and hit every note, u humorless turds

Humourless turds, indeed. We feel your pain, Lou.

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