Aside from being an amazing band, Sebadoh serve as historical markers of sorts. Their albums are the sonic equivalent of layers of sediment rock, documenting a history of their progress through the independent music scene of the 1990s.

This edition of Throwback Thursday marks the point in Sebadoh's history when they dipped their toes into the mainstream, appearing for the first time on network television. In the video above, Sebadoh swing by Late Night With Conan O'Brien in support of 1994's Bakesale.

Lou Barlow and Eric Gaffney began recording music under the name Sebadoh, a nonsense word Barlow made up, back when he was playing bass in indie powerhouse Dinosaur Jr. After releasing four albums together, along with third member Jason Loewenstein, Gaffney parted ways with the band.

After replacing him with Bob Fay, Sebadoh recorded Bakesale, toning down their noisey, often abrasive, lo-fi sound for something more refined and accessible. As a result, Bakesale was a big success for the band. It also marked what has shown to be an indefinite departure from the lo-fi methods of their first three albums.

Sebadoh released two albums after that, Harmacy and The Sebadoh, before fading away as Barlow and Loewenstein concentrated on side projects. Gaffney joined them for some touring, but wasn't present when Sebadoh recorded Defend Yourself in 2013, their first album since The Sebadoh.

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