Just two weeks before the release of her new album, 'Are We There,' and the start of a three-month-long international tour, Sharon Van Etten released a  dreamy new track last month called 'Every Time the Sun Comes Up.' Now she's brought us a video for the song.

The video -- which you can watch above -- gives a behind-the-scenes view of a children's show hosted by an elderly vampire. It also damages our psyches as it shatters the illusions of some of our favorite TV shows from our childhood.

The man behind the ghastly face paint is just a normal man with some flaws. He lets his ego run loose as he screams at the show's director. He leers creepily at the ladies on set. He smokes and drinks. And yet he is passionate about what he does. Even at this advanced period in his career, he still delights in playing fun tricks on children, trying to scare them and make them laugh at the same time.

This is the second video from the new record, which hits store shelves and the interwebs May 27. The first video, 'Taking Chances,' also carried a spooky, occultish theme as Van Etten sang and performed a Tarot reading. Watch it below.