Australian rock outfit Silverchair's frontman Daniel Johns has premiered a brand new, soulful solo track titled 'Aerial Love' -- check it out below.

Silverchair haven't been a band for about four years now, and their last album ever, 'Young Modern,' dropped a very distant eight years ago. To help jog your memory, their breakthrough 1995 grunge rock LP, 'Frogstomp,' included the smash hit, 'Tomorrow' -- which you can also hear below to compare the very different musical styles. Twenty years ago, Silverchair were so young ... but they could rock!

If the frontman's new single proves anything, it's that he is embracing a brand new, way more subdued musical direction. "I try not to look backwards,” Johns explained to Billboard. “Too many ghosts.”

The R&B-influenced track will appear on Johns' upcoming EP, due out March 13. He also plans on releasing a full-length later this year, as well as a music video for 'Aerial Love' coming soon. It's not clear yet whether this is representation of the singer's permanent new sound, which leaves us with anticipation for the rest of the EP and upcoming record.

Listen to Daniel Johns' 'Aerial Love'

Listen to Silverchair's 'Tomorrow'

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