Sky Ferreira's 'Night Time, My Time' was one of our favorite albums last year, partly because the 21-year-old singer behind refused to settle in just one place. From indie rock to synth-pop to indie pop to just plain pop, it's a ride that's as chaotic as it is thrilling.

There are better songs on the album, but the latest single, 'I Blame Myself,' is probably the closest one to a pop song ... which means it may give Ferreira her first big hit. Washed in moody synths and with a crawling mid-tempo rhythm driving it, the song doubles as one of the singer's big confessional moments on 'Night Time, My Time.'

"I blame myself for my reputation," she sings from the back of a police car, a not-so-veiled reference to the singer, model and actress' troubled past and headline-grabbing run-ins with the law (she was arrested for drug possession last September).

Check out the video above, which was made in collaboration with the SSENSE boutique. Ferreira wears some of their clothes in the shoot, when she isn't pulling at them like some angst-ridden '90s child.

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