Attention-grabbing synth-pop riser Sky Ferreira has shared the cover of her forthcoming debut album, 'Night Time, My Time,' and anyone expecting to see the blonde singer and songwriter in Ray-Bans and a leather jacket is in for a shock.

A fearful-looking Ferreira stands totally naked in a shower, as you can see by looking to your left, and in the uncensored, totally NSFW version -- this is apparently an "instasafe crop" -- there aren't even black bars protecting her modesty.

Ferreira's 'Night Time, My Time' cover marks filmmaker Gaspar Noe's first album sleeve, as Pitchfork reports, and while it probably won't win him many fans at Wal-Mart, it's bound to help Sky move a few units.

Not that Ferreira needs help drumming up publicity. Last month, she and boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith of the band DIIV were arrested on drug charges, and while she told Billboard the heroin found in the couple's car wasn't hers and insisted she's not a drug addict, the incident is likely to follow her as she promotes the LP's Oct. 29 release and hits the road for a tour with Smith Westerns.

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