We wish we could pickle Sleater-Kinney back in 1998, when they were really hitting their stride. At least we have this video of them playing 'Heart Factory' onstage in Olympia, Wash. That's not to say they ever stopped sounding great, but there's a certain charm to seeing them wearing T-shirts and regular everyday clothes in concert.

Carrie Brownstein would go on to rock the hell out of a pantsuit in the video for 'Jumper.' They never really lost their edge, which makes their indefinite hiatus that much more frustrating. Corin Tucker's unique, attention-grabbing vocals sat perfectly within her and Brownstein's head-spinning guitar parts.

We did get one good thing from the band's break -- 'Portlandia.' Brownstein focused her creative energies into highlighting and making fun of her very own people. She pokes fun in a very loving way, though. How could she not do it lovingly? She's most definitely an icon of the hipster world, hoarding a wealth of scene cred like Smaug hoards gold.

Back in 2010, Brownstein mentioned the possibility of a Sleater-Kinney reunion "sometime in the next five years." They did get back together to share the stage with Pearl Jam and former R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck to cover Neil Young's 'Rockin' in the Free World.' Tucker recently teamed up with Buck to form a new rock band, tentatively called super-Earth.

While we wait for a new album, let us remember how awesome they were by watching the video for 'Jumper,' from their last album, 'The Woods.'