Ever since they first exploded on to the market, phone manufacturers have succeeded in convincing us how their product allows us to express ourselves. In a new ad, scored by Lucy Rose's cover of Primal Scream's 'Moving on Up,' Sony takes that one step further, saying that their Xperia Z1 brings out the "best in you."

The spot, called 'The Best of Sony for the Best in You,' features people from all walks of life taking a break from the incredible times they're having to take pictures and video with their Xperia Z1, which is something we're all incredibly guilty of doing. Although one feature, highlighted strategically at the mid-point of the commercial, caught our eye. The phone is waterproof, so pictures can be taken underwater, provided specific guidelines are met (a disclaimer is provided).

Lucy Rose's cover of 'Moving on Up' does not appear on her 2012 debut, 'Like I Used to Be,' so it's possible that it was recorded specifically for this commercial. Primal Scream's original take, which fuses Rolling Stones rock 'n' roll, gospel and early-'90s house beats into a seamless blend, opened their groundbreaking 1991 album 'Screamadelica,' which was released when Rose was only two years old.