Despite having been together and producing record after record since 1971, the pop duo known as Sparks have yet to be fully embraced by the mainstream. That's a big shame because this band is one of the best rock groups to ever live. Proof of Sparks' excellence can be found in this performance on '70s German TV show 'Disco,' when they played 'This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us.'

The band is now made up of founding members the Mael brothers. Singer Russell has one of the most distinct and recognizable voices in music even today, 40 years after Sparks formed. Keyboardist Ron plays piano and keyboards with a unique style and a unique scowl. Just watch him in the video. It'll probably make you uncomfortable, but just go with it.

Sparks' influence on popular music is almost immeasurable. We say almost because we're not up to the task of measuring it, so we assume it can't be done. But if you're feeling ambitious, by all means, give it a try and let us know what you find out.

Right off the bat, you'll realize how much Sparks Queen must have listened to. The likeness is often uncanny. But after digging deeper, you'll find that this genre-defying band has played a part in everything from grunge to metal to dance and electronic music. Their impact on rock 'n' roll as we know it is inescapable.

The ultimate proof of this may be found on Weird Al's 2006 album, 'Straight Outta Lynwood,' where you can hear 'Virus Alert.' It's one of Weird Al's genre songs, where instead of parodying a specific tune, he writes an entirely new song based on a band's sound. Check it out below.