To commemorate the 16th anniversary of Carpark Records -- the heavy-hitting indie label that is home to Dan Deacon, Toro Y Moi and Cloud Nothings, to name a few -- the label is putting out a limited edition 12" picture disc called Sweet Sixteen, featuring nine exclusive recordings plus 19 locked grooves (the usually-silent space at the end of each side of a record).

As part of the "basketball-themed" collection, Speedy Ortiz are releasing an acoustic demo of a song called "Basketball," which you can listen to below.

A full band version of the song was originally released on the 2012 Sports EP, on Speedy's old label Exploding in Sound. The demo recording features Speedy frontwoman Sadie Dupuis solo with an acoustic guitar, lyrics packed with images of basketball injuries and schoolyard drama. "Basketball in the high school halls / The surprising scent of a gland that contracts / Up against the playground fence / With so much guilt I grew in protest," she sings.

Carpark is releasing 600 copies of the anniversary LP on July 21. The label is also selling a USB drive designed by Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi that contains all of their previous 100 releases for a frankly ludicrous sum of $25, which common sense says you should probably just go ahead and buy. In the meantime, check out the demo of "Basketball" below:

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