St. Vincent’s fourth, self-titled album made an appearance in many 2014 year-end lists, and now singer-guitarist Annie Clark will treat fans to a deluxe version with five new bonus tracks, including one previously unreleased song.

‘Bad Believer’ will make its very first appearance on the deluxe ‘St. Vincent’ album, along with ‘Del Rio,’ which appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese release. ‘Pieto’ and ‘Sparrow’ were previously released as a 7-inch for Record Store Day on Black Friday. Darkside’s remix of album single, ‘Digital Witness,’ rounds out the deluxe edition. Check out the full track list below.

St. Vincent also recently announced that she’ll be on-hand to perform at this year’s Coachella festival in April and Governors Ball in June. The deluxe edition of 'St. Vincent' will hit the streets in February.

‘St. Vincent’ Deluxe Edition Track List
1. 'Rattlesnake'
2. 'Birth In Reverse'
3. 'Prince Johnny'
4. 'Huey Newton'
5. 'Digital Witness'
6. 'I Prefer Your Love'
7. 'Regret'
8. 'Bring Me Your Loves'
9. 'Psychopath'
10. 'Every Tear Disappears'
11. 'Severed Crossed Fingers'
12. 'Bad Believer'
13. 'Pieta'
14. 'Sparrow'
15. 'Del Rio'
16. 'Digital Witness' (Darkside Remix)

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