Looking far more adorable than Paul Shaffer could ever dream to be, St. Vincent filled in as leader of the house band on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers.'

It was the first of two nights that St. Vincent (otherwise known as Annie Clark) is slated to fill in for Fred Armisen and the first time anyone else has led the 8G band since Meyers took over the show in February.

Clark didn't have a lot to do on the show and even less to say: when Meyers asked her about her performance last weekend (Aug. 9) in front of 15,000 people in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, Clark replied succinctly, "I did that." Otherwise, she helped lead the band in and out of commercial breaks and pitched in during a skit.

The entire episode is streaming in the above video, but you'll need to skip to around the 7:15 mark to see Clark's biggest moment.

And if you're curious what St. Vincent's recent show in Brooklyn was like, get a glimpse of some fan-filmed footage below: