Can't wait a second longer for the new Strokes' album, 'Comedown Machine?' You've already had a chance to hear 'One Way Trigger' and first single 'All the Time,' but now you can dig in to the disc's other nine tracks, as the entire record is streaming over at Pitchfork ahead of its release next Tuesday (March 26).

Our first reaction? While it's hard for the band to tighten up on its already-taut sound, the disc is definitely full of extremely precise indie pop, with dynamic twists and bursts of noise balancing out periods of simple, catchy melodies. The Strokes are definitely trying to advance their sound.

And while 'Comedown Machine' may seems like the logical next step (and a pleasantly impressive recovery) after the widely panned 'Angles,' it would be interesting to listen to 'This Is It' and 'Comedown Machine' back-to-back. Both albums sound like the Strokes, but the evolution and growth from their 2001 debut album and this one is undeniable.

So head over to Pitchfork (click the link above or big button below), have a listen and then let us know what you think in the comments below. But hurry -- the album probably won't stay streaming for long.