Larkin Grimm has released a new song, “I Don’t Believe,” dedicated to survivors of sexual abuse.

Last week, Grimm accused SwansMichael Gira of raping her in 2008 and subsequently dropping her from his Young God label after she confronted him about the incident. Gira responded, first calling Grimm’s account a “slanderous lie.” He then acknowledged a “consensual romantic moment that fortunately was not consummated” between the two artists and called it “an awkward mistake.” Grimm in turn issued her own statement: “This is still rape.”

Today (Feb. 29), Grimm has released the new, harp-tinged “I Don’t Believe” on her Bandcamp. “This song was written for all the survivors of abuse,” she writes on the page. “You are not alone.” Listen below:

Grimm last released her album Soul Retrieval in 2012. Her allegations against Gira date back to the recording sessions for her 2008 full-length Parplar.