Taco Bell's new Doritos Locos Tacos have become a craze in the fast food world since they were released this past spring. Recently, the chain has reported that they have sold 200 million tacos so far. So it's no surprise that the company used the popular app Instagram and an indie rock hit for their new commercial to promote the brand even further.

The 31-second clip shows a montage of Instagram photos by customers pre-consumption with the taglines "no matter how hard you try, pictures just don’t do it justice" and "taking tacos where no one thought they would go." Featured in the background is Passion Pit's song 'Take a Walk.' The different customer photos not only show how tasty the new tacos are, but they emphasize how popular the new item has become over the last couple of months.

The commercial plays the chorus of 'Take a Walk,' a single off the band's July release 'Gossamer.' The song has been doing extremely well on the charts this summer, currently holding the No. 15 spot on the U.S. alternative chart and the No. 27 spot on the U.S. rock chart.

Passion Pit will be touring North America this fall in support of their new album 'Gossamer.' You can check out where and when the band is scheduled to perform on their official website.

Hear Passion Pit's 'Take a Walk' in theTaco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos Instagram Commercial