There are still a couple months until the release of Currents, the third album from Australian psychedelic rock group Tame Impala, and so far, they've teased it with a couple videos – both for "'Cause I'm A Man." The first was a futuristic 3D clip, while the second  goes in a decidedly opposite direction, opting for puppets instead of computer imagery. Check out the new video:

The clip, directed by Dan Dipaola and Megan McShane, is billed as the "Official Live Video," and by "live," they mean that the puppets made to resemble Tame Impala appear to be playing the song "live." It's actually a pretty spot-on approximation of what the band's live set-up is like, with the band members' looks nailed — in a basic, "felty" sense — and psychedelic video projection visuals.

Currents will be released on July 17, and is currently available for pre-order. Feel free to do so and check out their upcoming tour dates, at their official website. For comparison purposes, check out the first "'Cause I'm A Man" video below.

Tame Impala – "'Cause I'm a Man" (Official Music Video)