Instant oatmeal has never looked as cool as it does in a new commercial for Target's Everyday Collection of grocery and household products. Hard rock fans will recognize the track in the ad as 'Woman,' the biggest U.S. hit for Australian band Wolfmother.

All of the commercials in Target's Everyday Collection series follow the same script — a basic household product presented in a completely over-the-top manner that humorously brings the product far more glamour than it might deserve. This spot uses Quaker oatmeal and takes the product's motto, "just add water," to a ridiculous extreme by having a model in a raincoat shoot a fire hose at a box of oatmeal, sending the oats flying out of the package in slow motion.

The model proudly wields the fire hose like a rifle while still trying to look sexy, accompanied by the Wolfmother chorus, "Woman / You know you're a woman / You got to be a woman / I got the feeling of love."

'Woman' won a Grammy Award in 2007 and seemed to establish Wolfmother as one of the most promising new acts in rock music, but the group has released just one album since then, 2009's 'Cosmic Egg.' The band has endured a number of lineup changes in recent years and currently performs as a fivesome, with singer Andrew Stockdale the only remaining original member.

Hear Wolfmother's 'Woman' in the Target Everyday Collection Oatmeal Commercial