Disney's monsters are going back to school in the upcoming movie 'Monsters University.' The creatures rock out to the music of Australian hard rock band Wolfmother in the film's trailer.

The monsters are typical college kids in the film, which means they party and blast loud music. One monster even plays air guitar with a lampshade on his head. Wolfmother's 'Woman' is their song of choice in the halls of their dorm.

The trailer also shows mayhem between monster pals Sully and Mike. When Mike falls asleep, Sully uses glue to affix tiny mirrors all over his round, green body, turning him into a virtual disco ball. Viewers hear the song 'Panic' by French Kiss during the disco scene.

'Monsters University' is a prequel to the hit 2001 movie 'Monsters, Inc.' The trailer features a brief portion of one other song near the end. When the celebration winds down and everyone is exhausted, the '80s ballad 'True' by Spandau Ballet takes over.

'Woman' won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. The song appeared on Wolfmother's 2006 self-titled debut. The group has been working on a third album, but its release has apparently been delayed by a lack of interest from their record labels.

Watch Wolfmother's 'Woman' in the 'Monsters University' Trailer