Television's 1992 self-titled album is a musical gem that has gone unnoticed and under-appreciated for, well, as long as it's been out. Everyone who knows about Television -- the band, not the thing you stare at when you should be jogging or something -- knows about their seminal album 'Marquee Moon.' The title track is instantly recognizable to anyone who's a fan of the New York No Wave movement.

'Marquee Moon' cemented Television's place in guitar-rock history when it came out in 1977, but the group broke up shortly after releasing its second album, 'Adventure,' in 1978. The great, wide world kept spinning on without Television -- again, the band. If the world had to do without actual television, we shudder to think about the results.

If you're not familiar with Television, check out the below video of the band playing 'Marquee Moon' in concert. Those interlocked guitar and bass parts will have you tasting colors in the air as if you'd accidentally ingested some pleasant chemical mood enhancers. There's a reason why the song is so popular.

And if you're familiar with 'Marquee Moon' but don't know anything beyond that, check out the video for 'Call Mr. Lee' below. This song is full of what's known in the business as "sweeping guitar solos." OK, we just made that up. But it's really good anyway.