Though Faith No More recently announced their first new song in nearly two decades, singer Mike Patton has another new release in the wings.

tētēma, a new duo consisting of Patton along with Australian composer/pianist Anthony Pateras, are about to unleash their debut album, 'Geocidal,' on Dec. 9 on Patton's own Ipecac Recordings. Much of his work outside Faith No More has been far less conventional -- and tētēma follow along that same path. The first track released from 'Geocidal,' the rhythmic and hypnotic 'Tenz,' is as jarring as it is catchy, as elements of jazz, avant garde and pop merge.

The video for the song, directed by Sabina Maselli, is unique as well (check it out above). Initially shot on digital, then transferred to 16MM film, then transferred back to digital, it whirls in a surrealistic air that fits perfectly with the music as the refrain of "Even when immobile we are in motion" repeats over and over. There are elements of modern day sonic explorers alongside such vintage reference points such as Can.

Faith No More's brand-new track, 'Motherf--ker,' will hit store shelves on Friday Nov. 28 for Record Store Day's Black Friday. Get all the releases for RSD right here.