When the Cribs posted a photo of them posing with Dave Grohl (check it out above), the rumor immediately blew up about the two working together on the band's upcoming LP. And while that idea was just as quickly squashed, they did reveal what it was like to have the Foo Fighters frontman in the studio with them.

"We left to go get pizza and within three minutes we returned with Dave Grohl," bassist Gary Jarman explained to NME. "We played with him in Ireland and he was like, 'The Cribs? I love you guys!' We thought it was a really good omen for the first day of the record -- it was just like a rabbit's foot or something."

And it must have been some good juju for them as the Cribs are finally coming back with their new album, 'For All My Sisters,' on March 23 via Red U.K.

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