Tom DeLonge has released a brand new music video for his demo track "Circle-Jerk-Pit" from his debut solo album, To The Stars ... Demos, Odds and Ends, which is out today (April 21). You can watch the fast-paced, black-and-white video up above.

In classic punk fashion, the video centers around an empty pool where a bunch of teens are skating, drinking, smoking, driving recklessly and aimlessly hitting some golf balls. So in other words, it's the perfect party. The song has a much harder edge to it than the album's lead single, "New World" -- the singer-songwriter released a destructive music video for that tune last month.

For this video, DeLonge worked with the skateboard teams from Tum Yeto, Toy Machine and Foundation Skateboards, and some of the pros included are Billy Marks, Matt Bennett, Ryan Spencer, Nick Merlino and Cole Wilson.

DeLonge, who recently split from Blink-182, announced that he will be releasing four albums this year and publishing 15 novels. With most novels taking years of a person's life to procure, it's hard to think DeLonge has time to do anything other than create.

You can grab a digital copy of To The Stars ... Demos, Odds and Ends via iTunes, and stay up-to-date with DeLonge and his many ventures here.

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