You know what we haven't had in a long while? A dance craze. We think that society could benefit from a new song and dance routine. Maybe the U.S. is still feeling a bit burned after 'Achy Breaky Heart' and the Cha-Cha Slide. We kindly ask our fellow Americans to try to forget their disappointment long enough to consider embracing the next big dance craze, should one come along.

Just take a look at the above video, which was made when one of the biggest dance crazes, the Twist, was sweeping the world. These Brits are so enthusiastic about this dance that they're getting Twist-inspired haircuts. One couple is even doing the Twist in the barbershop while they wait their turn for a trim. Now that's a dance craze.

The Twist was a populist movement that included people from all walks of life -- rich and poor alike. The narrator explains, "At this establishment, the fancy stuff is definitely out." And a new dance craze could prove to be just the subversive bit of fun our youth needs, just like the Twist was. The narrator explains whom the haircut would awe and inspire, saying, "Not calculated to impress the sergeant major, perhaps, but certainly real cool in the crowded ballroom."

Imagine what good could come from a new dance craze. Perhaps it could end civil strife and unrest. The collective, uniform shaking of six billion hips might cool global conflicts. Who knows? Maybe the next dance craze could refreeze the polar ice caps and counteract global warming. We'll never know until we try.