The rollout for Ty Segall’s new solo album Emotional Mugger has been, needless to say, strange (see: VHS tapes, creepy baby masks), and Segall kept the charade going for Stephen Colbert last night (Feb. 11).

Segall and his backing band, dubbed the Muggers, appeared on The Late Show to play album single “Candy Sam.” Segall sported an all-red suit and face paint, while the set was littered with more spooky baby art. All in all, Segall and his cohorts gave it a spirited go, and the bandleader concluded the performance by giving the studio audience actual candy (which they were reluctant to receive) and dropping prostrate on the ground. Colbert entered stage left and reassured, “He’s all right. He’s okay.” It’s something you can only truly experience for yourself, so go ahead and revisit the performance in the video at the top.

Emotional Mugger arrived at the end of January via Drag City. Segall is currently on tour, which picks up on Feb. 17 in Phoenix. See a list of all of his upcoming dates right here.