While most of the recent buzz about the War on Drugs lately has been around Sun Kill Moon's Mark Kozelek's constant disses, the Philadelphia band looked unfazed on 'Conan' and did what they do best -- perform.

Airing last night (Oct. 30), Adam Granduciel looks calm and collected as the band plays 'Burning' for the crowd. Between Granduciel's guitar playing in the instrumental break to the hoppy beat, it's a track that's easy to groove to.

Since the release of their third album, 'Lost In the Dream,' the War on Drugs have been doing all they can to promote it -- and have clearly been doing a great job. Aside from gaining critical acclaim for the new LP, they've also sold out almost every date on their current tour, which has them in Europe, then takes them to Australia, and then to the U.K. Get their full tour itinerary here.