What do you do when you're misquoted in an article, and the news spreads like a virus within hours? If you're badass Los Angeles indie rockers Warpaint, you quickly issue a statement that says you did not blast Beyonce and Rihanna for "looking like sluts."

Q Magazine revealed part of its interview with Warpaint yesterday and highlighted comments the group made about the pop singers' hypersexualized selling of their music. Guitarist Theresa Wayman was quoted as saying she was disappointment that Beyonce and Rihanna don't rely on their music as much as their bodies.

And as quickly as the news hit online, the band issued some clarification on the comments printed in Q. Saying that they answered the writer's questions on the topic as "consumers" and "fans," they set the record straight by explaining that they don't hate Beyonce or Rihanna. Quite the opposite, in fact.

"We LOVE and ADORE Beyonce and Rihanna, genuinely, and that's what makes this all the more difficult," Wayman wrote on the band's Facebook page. "A journalist came on our bus and casually asked us what we thought about women in music, and we responded as fans and consumers and not as card carrying feminists. Not as anybody with power or influence either. We're not trying to start a war, no f---ing way. We would be crushed like little lady flies."

She added that the media often picks out quotes based on shock value, and that they'd never insult another artist. "As we all know these days, sound bites and quotes are chosen not by their merit but by the level of sensationalism, and that's exactly what happened here," she wrote. "Beyonce and Rihanna are the last two women on earth who I would ever want to disrespect or disregard."

"I'm a fan and like any other fan," Wayman continued. "I have my opinions which are no more or less important than anyone else's."

Along with the apology, Wayman noted that she's gotta watch what she says from now on. "I'm not trying to cover my tracks, but this is really upsetting to me. I apologize for being careless with my words. I apologize to fans of Beyonce and Rihanna, I f---ing love them too. Me and and my big mouth."