After taking some time away from each other to concentrate on solo projects, the members of Los Angeles band Warpaint are back on Sept. 23 with a new album, Heads Up. You can listen to the appropriately titled "New Song" above.

“I feel really proud of what we made—almost surprised and shocked," bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg told NME. "When we were making it, I was like, ‘I wonder what this is going to sound like? How’s this going to come together?’ I love the way that it came together so nicely. I feel so proud of it, and like it’s an evolution of our band. It sounds like a mature version of Warpaint.”

Heads Up is Warpaint's third full-length album and first since 2014's self-titled effort. Late last year, Lindberg released right on!, a solo record under the name jennylee. In addition, guitarist/singer Theresa Wayman formed BOSS with Sarah Jones (Hot Chip, Yeasayer) and Guro Gikling (All We Are) and put out a single called “I’m Down With That.” Another member of Warpaint, Emily Kokal, appeared on songs by Saul Williams and Paul Bergmann.

Warpaint have a handful of European festival dates coming up in August. But on Sept. 19, they will begin a month-long tour of North America at the Showbox in Seattle. Then, they will head back to Europe for another two weeks. You can see the dates and get complete information at Warpaint's website.

Warpaint, 'Heads Up' Track Listing

1. "White Out"
2. "By Your Side"
3. "New Song"
4. "The Stall"
5. "So Good"
6. "Don't Wanna"
7. "Don't Let Go"
8. "Dre"
9. "Heads Up"
10. "Above Control"
11. "Today Dear"

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