Alden Penner, formerly of the Unicorns, and actor Michael Cera played a gig together at Brooklyn's Knitting Factory back on June 12, playing new songs and some previously released Penner tunes, too. Now fan-shot videos have started to surface.

A few of the clips show Penner and Cera playing new songs together, switching up instruments along the way. Penner usually sings but, in one clip, Cera sings and Penner plays drums.

In another clip, Penner and Cera play "A Beautiful Dream" off Penner's self-released 2014 album Exegesis.

Penner's Canada in Space EP is set to be released on June 29. "There is a large proportion of Canadians represented in the planned Mars colony," Penner said in a statement. "The Canada in Space EP is an imagining of the dreams, reveries, phantasms, hallucinations, psycho-spiritual projections, naïve mythologies, actions, visions and experiences of an abandoned crew before, during and after its permanent journey to Mars; the compression of time; dispersion, fragmentation of states and generations in space; ultimate detachment & wormholes.”

Watch the videos below, and also check out our feature on Penner, which touches on the Unicorns reunion, Penner's religious music, and moody weirdness of Exegesis.

Alden Penner and Michael Cera play new music in Brooklyn

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