Always game for going green, noise pop thrashers Wavves have done the ultimate in extended adolesence: they're now starring in their very own weed-themed video game. Choose either frontman Nathan Williams (on bike) or bassist Stephen Pope (on board) to rip through three levels of drug dealing and cop dodging: first through suburbia (be sure to aim for the doors) then through the city (wait for the streetlight to flash) and then in a hellish demon level (throw it at the demon! demons love weed!).

In what calls back to the 8-bit wonder of the controller-smashing Paperboy, the San Diego band's first foray into videogames is scored by a chiptune cover of 'So Bored' by Anamanaguchi, who are known to make songs with a hacked Nintendos and Gameboys. Cruise down the street with the arrow keys, on the look out for police, naked ski-masked dudes, and weird witch creatures. It gets a little boring by the third level, but probably better holds the attention of someone under the proper medicinal influence. Click the button below to play the game.

Those Wavves boys are notorious for their ganja game -- Pope was kicked out of the 2009 VMAs for carrying pot and Williams got away scott free, though he caused a beef with a certain Lakers power forward. Fans finally have the opportunity to be just as devil may care, albeit via pixelated side scroller.

Play the game below. Our high score was 4,824 points -- what was yours?