Cannibalism is no laughing matter -- at least not in the above video. This sketch, 'Diner of the Living Dead,' is considered to be one of the least funny sketches ever produced and recorded in front of a live studio audience. The fact that it's really gross doesn't make it any better.

A hungry couple finds the diner while traveling, and they decide to stop in for a bite. The loudmouth jerk of a husband insists on eating, despite his wife's protests. Is this pointed commentary on gender bias in our society? Perhaps this sketch is a sharp take on the state of mind of everyday people who live their lives in a zombie-like state. More than anything, though, it's bad. Bad writing, bad acting, bad premise, bad everything.

The only funny part of the sketch is when two zombie customers have to trade plates after the waitress, a shameless rip-off of Flo (there's a good chance you don't know who Flo is; don't worry, just know this show ripped her off), drops them off. Who can't relate to that? So kudos to whichever writer managed to slip a slightly funny joke into this abomination.

'Fridays' was ABC's attempt to make their own version of 'Saturday Night Live.' While this sketch may not have been a winner, some good things did come from the show. A young Larry David and Michael Richards were both featured there, and the show brought on way cooler musical guests than 'SNL.' So what happened with 'Diner of the Living Dead'? Who knows?

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