Action Bronson -- the stage name of Queens-based rapper Arian Arslani -- is fresh off the release of his sophomore album, Mr. Wonderful, which arrived yesterday, March 24. That night, the hometown rapper celebrated by taking the stage at New York City’s Terminal 5. However, when a fan hopped on stage to join the celebration, Bronson wouldn’t stand for it and took matters in to his own hands -- literally.

While performing “Amadu Diabolo” -- a track from Blue Chips 2, Bronson’s second mixtape with production duo Party Supplies -- a fan appeared on stage. Bronson immediately dropped his mic, grabbed the concertgoer and tossed him back into the crowd. Barely batting an eyelash, the rapper picked the mic back up and continued the song. You can see it for yourself in the video above (via Mark Cersosimo).

Mr. Wonderful follows Action Bronson’s debut full-length, Dr. Lecter, which arrived back in 2011. The rapper has a string of tour dates planned for the summer; check out a complete list here.

Hopefully the upcoming shows won’t require anymore stage ejections. And as you wait for the summer tour to kick off, make sure to take a few minutes and watch his official music video for the appropriately titled "Actin Crazy" below:

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