Andrew Bird stopped by the set of 'The Colbert Report' last night (March 13) for a quick chat with host Stephen Colbert and to perform a set of new songs off of 'Break It Yourself.' As usual, Colbert fired a hilarious round of questions at the reserved singer-songwriter before Bird took the stage to perform 'Eyeoneye' and 'Danse Caribe.'

During the interview portion of Bird's appearance, he and Colbert discussed a variety of topics, including teratoma tumors, gigs at Renaissance fair and funerals, and Bird's 2005 LP '& the Mysterious Production of Eggs,' which holds some bad memories for one of Colbert's writers. When asked about using teratoma tumors (described as a "fatty mass of teeth and hair") as the inspiration, which Colbert cited as "obvious pop territory," behind his new song 'Eyeoneye,' Bird quipped, "I go through universal subjects like that."

Colbert also asked Bird about the good 'ol days when he used to play at Renaissance fairs and funerals, and which venue was more depressing. "Of course the funeral is sadder -- but, a Renaissance fair, it tests your sense of dignity," Bird replied with a smile. Finally, Colbert talked about a writer that can't listen to Bird's music since it harbors bad memories of a Halloween hookup gone wrong (specifically, getting turned down while dressed as "gay Abe Lincoln"). Bird replied, "A friend of mine says you just listen or think of 'Private Dancer' by Tina Turner. That obliterates anything."

Bird later treated fans to a live performance of his teratoma-inspired track 'Eyeoneye,' switching off between violin, guitar and the glockenspiel as he sailed through the buoyant, whistle-laden tune with a full backing band. Bird also performed the folky, baroque-esque 'Danse Caribe' for a web exclusive, with the singer-songwriter showing off his violin skills on the sonically cheerful track as he changed up styles from plucking to utilizing the bow.

Bird's 2012 LP 'Break It Yourself' is available now. Check out his interview with Colbert and his performances of 'Eyeoneye' and 'Danse Caribe' after the jump.

Watch Andrew Bird's Interview on 'The Colbert Report'


Watch Andrew Bird Perform 'Eyeoneye' on 'The Colbert Report'


Watch Andrew Bird Perform 'Danse Caribe' on 'The Colbert Report'

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